Have you ever walked into your bathroom or dressing area in the morning and cringed, because the lighting isn’t like you want it? When it comes to getting ready in the morning, lighting is key. Especially when you are applying your makeup! The wrong lighting could have you out in public later on, only to discover you have foundation streaks or uneven blush or eyeliner.

1 Natural Light is Always the Best

If you can possibly use natural light for applying your makeup, that is always going to be your best option. When you use natural light, make sure you are looking directly towards the light. This will ensure there are no shadows anywhere on your face.


2 Never Use Recessed Down Lighting

Using recessed down lighting is commonly referred to as holding a flashlight under your face during Halloween or a late night out in the backyard. If you happen to have lighting like this in the space you use to apply your makeup, either install new lighting or find a new makeup application location! When you use this type of lighting, you will see more shadows under your eyes and wrinkles than you really have. The result will be applying more makeup than you could possibly need.

Natural Light Makeup Application

3 Install Lights on Both Sides of Your Mirror

If you are looking for the best lighting for applying makeup, and natural light is not available, we recommend installing lights on both sides of your mirror. Sconces and pendants are both excellent options, because you can place them at eye level. If this is not enough light for you, we recommend also adding a light on the ceiling to complement the lights on the sides of the mirrors.

We do not recommend using only the ceiling light and not the side lights, because you would need to tilt your head up too far while applying your makeup.


4 Choose the Proper Lightbulbs

There are so many lightbulbs available for you to purchase. However, when it comes to applying makeup, we recommend choosing bulbs that are between seventy-five and one hundred watts. These lightbulbs will provide the even lighting you desire, as well as the brightness you need for this task.


Makeup Mirror

5 Use a Lighted Makeup Mirror

If you simply cannot find the best lighting for applying makeup in your house, and you can’t change any fixtures, we recommend using a lighted makeup mirror. There are many different lighted makeup mirror options available, and you can even find travel versions if you are away from home a lot.

These are our five tips for choosing the best lighting for applying makeup. Many of our tips are easy to incorporate into your home or lifestyle, so you shouldn’t have too many issues when it comes to applying your makeup. And once you implement our tips, your makeup will always be flawless when you walk out your door each day.


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