There are so many different lights out there for you to purchase, so we wouldn’t blame you if you have no idea what a ring light is! For the longest time, we could never remember what we should use a ring light for, let alone why it was an important light for many people to own. We have continued to do our research though and we now know so much about ring lights that we thought we should share the information with you!

What is a Ring Light?

A ring light is a flash that is mounted inside a large circle. These lights were originally created to make life easier for doctors and dentists. But once people started to realize how helpful ring lights could be in so many other situations, their popularity grew!

This multipurpose lighting tool now provides a source of uniform light for those that use it. The people who use ring lights the most are photographers and videographers. Since the ring light can be set up next the camera, the light comes directly from that same point of view.

Most ring lights are made from a circular fluorescent bulb, but you can also find them with small LED lights connected together in the shape of a circle.


Reasons to Use a Ring Light

Emphasizing Details
If you are interested in emphasizing details in both photographs and videos, you may want to consider purchasing a ring light. You can simply insert the camera inside the circle, so you can easily focus on those intricate details.

Macro Photography
High-quality pictures and videos usually cost a small fortune. However, ring lights offer you the opportunity to achieve those high-end results without the higher price tag.

Video Production
Dramatic effects are possible when you utilize ring lights for video production. It is simple to create halo shadows with a ring light. If you are looking for even more dramatic options, we recommend pairing a sidelight or softbox with your ring light. Yes, an additional purchase is required, but it will be worthwhile for the results you have.

Color Effects
You can achieve different colored effects by switching out the white bulb for a colored one in a ring light. You can also apply colored gel to different areas of the ring lightbulb to get colorful effects.

Makeup Application
Not many people choose to purchase a ring light for applying their makeup, but if the person is a professional photographer or videographer, they may purchase one for their clients to use. The ring light can be set up for makeup applications and then moved to the area where filming will take place.


Ring Light

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Ring Light

Ring lights used to be super expensive, but you can easily purchase a decent one today for around one hundred dollars. Of course, remember, you get what you pay for. You may want to spend a little more to get a higher-quality ring light for what you want to do.

There are many options when it comes to the size and weight of a ring light. We recommend determining how you will be using your ring light, so you can decide if size and weight will end up being a factor.

After Purchase Expenses
Ring lights will not last forever and eventually you will need to replace the lightbulb. Of course, you may also want to purchase extra bulbs, so you should know the cost of those for the ring light you want.

Durability of Materials
There is no point in purchasing a ring light that is made from cheap materials that will break within a couple weeks. We recommend looking carefully at the materials used and only purchasing a ring light that is quite durable.

Settings for the Light Intensity
When you decide to purchase a ring light, you are going to want one that will allow you to use different light intensities. If you end up with a ring light that doesn’t give you options, you will be quite disappointed.

How Many Accessories are Needed?
It is always an excellent idea to determine how many accessories you will need to purchase to use your ring light to its fullest potential. Some ring lights come with everything you need, while others require you to purchase those items separately.


Advanced Features
If you know you will be using your ring light for so many different things, you are going to want to purchase one that has numerous advanced features. This will ensure you have all the options you need when you go to take that perfect picture or shoot that amazing video.


Warranty Options
The warranties for ring lights vary, which is not surprising since all warranties are dependent on the retailer and company. We recommend choosing a ring light that offers a twelve-month warranty. This will ensure any minor, or major, issues will be covered for a longer period of time.

Setting Up a Ring Light

There are many different ways you can set up a ring light. The most popular option is to place your camera inside it. This will make the ring light your primary source of lighting. The soft, diffused light will not create shadows.
Other ways to set up a ring light include placing it above a person’s head or using it as a background light.
It is important to use caution when using a ring light with someone who wears glasses. The glasses can reflect the light from the ring and cause unwanted glare.
This is basically everything you must know about ring lights. We understand you might not be going right out to purchase a ring light of your own. However, if you are considering creating videos, or taking pictures, in the future, a ring light must be on your list of items to purchase. Hopefully, the information we shared will give you an idea of what you should be looking for when you venture out to purchase your very first ring light.


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