Dorm rooms can be small and uninviting, especially once you fit two people and all their belongings inside. If you ask numerous college grads how they survived in their dorm rooms, you will be amazed at the stories they tell. Most of them will tell you they decorated this room as best they could to make it appear bigger. However, the savviest of those college students turned to Pinterest to create the space of their dreams. 

Setting Up Your Dorm Room? Check Out Pinterest Worthy Options to Decorate it Right!

Create a Cozy Bed

You know you will be spending a lot of time in your bed when you are in your dorm room, since your only other options will include a single chair or the floor. To get a bed that is super cozy, we recommend taking tried and true Pinterest ideas to achieve the look. Neutral colors are best, but add a pop of color with a soft throw blanket at the end. Add a few pillows, including one you can place behind your back while sitting up. If you know you are always cold during the winter, we recommend keeping a couple extra blankets in a tote under your bed to wrap around you. 

Add a Nightstand

If you have a loft bed in your dorm room, you won’t be able to utilize the nightstand option. But if your bed is closer to the floor, a nightstand will be perfect for keeping a couple key items next to your bed. Place a cute lamp on the nightstand, as well as a charger for your phone and smartwatch. To really make this area Pinterest-worthy, we recommend adding a cute succulent or another easy to care for small plant. 

Nightstand LAMP

Add a Comfy Chair

Depending on the size of your dorm room, you may not have space for any chair other than the one at your desk. But if you do have some available space, choose a Pinterest-worthy chair like a plush fold up chair or a beanbag chair. We love the fold up options, because they can easily be tucked away when you are not using them. These chairs are another way to add a pop of color to what can usually be a boring space. 

Hang Up a Chalkboard

Chalkboards are the new whiteboards according to Pinterest, so use them both inside and outside your dorm room. Hanging one on the outside of your door will allow friends to leave you notes. A chalkboard over your desk, or by your bed, can keep you organized and on track during your busy college days. 

Add a Couple Plants

We talked about placing a plant on a nightstand in your dorm room, but you should feel free to add a couple others if you have the space. We recommend small plants that do not require a lot of light. You may also want to choose a plant or two that will be forgiving if you forget to water it as often as you should. Then have fun determining where your plants should live in your new room. 

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