Many of us have a wide assortment of light bulbs in our homes, because we don’t replace them all at the same time. Therefore, some light bulbs are older than others and a few are the newest LED option that will last forever and a day. However, there are smart bulbs available to purchase now and a few people want to know if they are really the game changer they are said to be. 

Smart Bulbs – Are They Worth All the Hype? 

What are Smart Bulbs?

A smart bulb is similar to a regular light bulb. It lights up when it is turned on to provide light to any room in your home. However, you do not turn smart bulbs on by flipping a switch. Instead, you use your smartphone to control any smart bulb in your home, even when you are far away. You can even use your smartphone to set up a schedule for your smart bulbs, so they automatically turn on and off at specific times of the day. 

How to Use Smart Bulbs to Their Full Potential

Home Security

Those schedules we just mentioned can help keep your home safe when you are not home. Since your lights will be going on and off at random times, people will think you are home even if you are not. 

Smart Bulbs

Create a Movie Theater Room

Smart bulbs can be synced to match the lighting of what is on your television. All you need to do is connect your smart bulbs to your television and the magic will happen every time you turn it on. 

Illuminate Your Kitchen with Strip Lights

Darker kitchens can use a little brightness, especially at night. While you can install fixtures with smart bulbs in this space, we recommend using strip lights instead. You can control these strip lights with your smartphone just like you can any other smart bulb. 


Turn Off Lights in Any Room Without Going to the Room

Do your kids love to fall asleep with the light on? Are you always walking to their room before you go to bed to turn off the light? Imagine turning off that light from your bed by simply tapping on your smartphone. You can even schedule the lights to be turned off at a specific time each night. 

Smart bulbs are also an excellent way to turn off all the lights in your home or check to make sure they are off without crawling back out of bed. 

There are many different smart bulbs to choose from, but the most popular one is the Philips Hue. We recommend doing your research to see which smart bulb will be best for your home, because certain bulbs work best with certain smart home hubs and other devices. So, while we recommend the Philips Hue, you must make sure it will work well with your smartphone and even your smart home hub if you have one. 

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