Solar lanterns are the companions of our indoor or outdoor decoration. Both indoor and outdoor solar lanterns make our party, wedding and special occasions memorable. 


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The days are gone when you had to rely on one or two electric lights to light up your home or yard. This has changed with the advent of these solar lanterns that are just as effective. But they’re also greener and more economical than their electric counterparts. Let’s take a look at how it can help you create just the right lighting scheme in your outdoor living area.

Have you ever walked through the woods on an overcast day and wished you had a light with you? How about when camping? If so, you might find solar lanterns useful in your life. Although they are traditionally used as emergency lighting or camping gear, their uses go far beyond that. They’re great items to keep in your home, office, or vehicle too! Check out this guide on how to use solar lanterns and see why they should be part of your life today!

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Getting started with Solar Lanterns

Solar lanterns offer an easy and efficient way to illuminate outdoor spaces, without any need for wires or outlets. They’re quite popular in developing countries, where they’re used to bring light into dark areas that are off-grid, but if you live in more developed regions of the world, you can take advantage of solar lanterns too. These are relatively easy to use, so they’re great for beginners. When you purchase one, there will usually be instructions on how to charge it.

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Outdoor Solar Lanterns

These small, portable lights can really make a difference in your family’s safety and comfort outdoors. Perfect for camping, going to the park or just sitting outside on a nice night, these can be safely placed just about anywhere. At night they create a bright glow without having to use electricity! And unlike candles, these lanterns are safe and don’t require any attention once they are charged.

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Metal Flickering Flame

For roughly $10, you can purchase one of these lanterns and provide yourself with an affordable, sustainable source of lighting. The best part about solar lights is that they give off sufficient lighting without you having to worry about having their plugin or buying expensive batteries. And because they’re powered by sunlight during daytime hours and don’t take much effort to charge, there isn’t really any upkeep association with them (once purchased).

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Mason Jar Lights

Mason jars are an ideal solution for when you want to save money by reducing your electricity bills but don’t want to go completely off-grid. They are perfect for outdoor entertaining, backyard parties, or even in emergencies. Find out how you can enjoy all of these benefits today!


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Hand Crank

Over 2 million people in developing countries use kerosene lamps for lighting. These provide dangerous indoor air pollution and require buying expensive fuel. The Hand Crank provides a clean and safe alternative, with no running costs. Charge it at home in an hour using a free-standing solar panel, take it outdoors, and enjoy hours of safe natural light from three LED bulbs that last 100,000 hours! Plus it has an MP3 player charger that runs on rechargeable batteries.

There are actually two types of solar lanterns: those that use rechargeable batteries and those that rely on solar power to generate electricity. The first type of lantern is likely more convenient for households because users don’t have to rely on sunlight as much as they do with other lanterns. However, some folks don’t like relying on an energy source as unstable as rechargeable batteries.

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Benefits of Solar Lanterns

Solar lanterns are designed for outdoor lighting. They are durable, long-lasting, and lightweight. These lights use solar energy, which means you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or wiring them into an outlet for them to work.

Solar lanterns offer a few advantages over conventional lighting sources: 

  • Being solar-powered, they’re independent of electricity. You can take them with you when camping or hiking and have no need for an outlet. 
  • They don’t produce any greenhouse gases during operation, so there are no CO2 emissions. Their only byproduct is clean air.


How It works

Solar lanterns are clever little devices. Just charge them using solar energy during the day, and use their built-in LEDs at night (when it’s dark). They can be hung on walls, stuck on windowsills, or set out in gardens—whatever’s convenient.

It is very easy to use. It charges during daylight hours via integrated solar panels on its case, so you won’t have any trouble if you forget to charge it at night or if it’s cloudy outside. Then just flip the switch when you want to turn it on and watch as an LED bulb inside comes on, along with three others that act as sidelights.

Advantages of Solar Lanterns

It’s becoming more and more popular as an eco-friendly alternative to standard, non-renewable energy sources. In recent years, green energy has been gaining popularity as individuals have become aware of its long-term impact on our planet. While these still have some issues (such as cost and technological limitations), many researchers and industry professionals believe it will only be a matter of time before these shortfalls are overcome and it’s becoming popular.

Disadvantages of Solar Lanterns

With solar lanterns, you have limited options when it comes to setting them up in comparison with traditional lanterns. They need sunlight in order to work properly, so they are unusable at night. Not only that, but when there is no sunlight present during daylight hours, their batteries will slowly drain if they are not charged by natural sources. Solar lanterns are just as susceptible to storms and heavy rainfall as traditional ones.


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