The floating wireless lamp has been a popular piece of tech, and it’s no surprise why. They allow you to have bright, colorful lights that can be moved around the room without plugging into any wires! No more hanging cords from lamps or being held back by your power outlets. But which floating wireless lamp should you choose? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! In this article, we’ll tell you all about the floating wireless lamps today and how they stack up against each other.


Flawless Materials

Wireless, floating lamps are cool. But to make them actually practical—to make them look nice in an actual home or office—they need to blend into their surroundings. That’s why I love Edison Junior, a wireless LED lamp that uses magnets to float above its base and is designed to fit perfectly with any environment. You can use it as a task light, ambient mood light, and more. Whether you’re looking for a brighter reading area or just want some additional ambiance at night, EDISON is your new favorite accessory.

No cords mean no boundaries for where you can place it. Freedom of choice means that it will easily become part of every aspect of your daily life. Place it on top of stacks of books or magazines, mount it to a board, hang it from your bed frame, set it out on top of an end table – anywhere! All you have to do is put one near what you’re doing and turn it on. When life calls for something extra special, sometimes all we need are little things.


Sleek Design

As a serious designer, your eye is naturally drawn to a well-designed item. The floating wireless lamp has a stunningly modernist design which you’ll love showing off in your home. Combined with its wireless charging technology and LED lighting you can rest assured that it looks just as good in use as it does on display. Its convenient size allows you to place it anywhere around your house and easily move it from room to room if you need extra light or simply want to change up your decor.

Your guests will be wowed by its sleek appearance and ever-changing LED color patterns making sure they always remember your home by how cool it looks! If space is at a premium then you can take advantage of its compact yet effective storage options meaning even small living spaces will have adequate lighting allowing you to expand without having to expand square footage. You can buy all sorts of stationary or wireless lamps but none offer their level of convenience, portability, and slick design. Make sure yours stands out above all others by choosing a floating wireless lamp today!

Multi-Color Choices

This will be a wireless lamp. What’s a wireless lamp? It’s one that levitates, of course! The colors are customizable, with choices ranging from red to purple to turquoise to yellow. Yes, turquoise is definitely an option for your floating lamp. You may even choose not to have it colored at all if you prefer something more subtle. There are both wireless and wired versions, so whatever fits your current style best works here. Have multiple lights in different rooms or on different floors? No problem – these lamps work together without being near each other. Place them where you need light most – they can go almost anywhere because they’re completely freed from wires. It also gives off a really cool flickering effect when turned on that some people may find relaxing or soothing.

Multiple-Light Outputs

You can choose from three different settings: Soft White, which is a 60-watt equivalent, Daylight, which is a 75-watt equivalent, and Colored, which cycles through red, green, and blue. All of these different modes work independently and you can easily turn them on or off by flicking your wrist—no buttons or remotes required.

The motion sensors will detect when you get close to it and dim it to preserve battery life. Plus, each lamp comes with an included USB cable that can be plugged into any 5V adapter (i.e., power bank) to charge it up again quickly—four hours for full capacity. Another cool feature is that you don’t have to worry about turning off a light switch as all three modes have been designed for quick operation. In other words, once you turn on one of those lights it will stay on as long as there’s juice in its internal battery.


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