Wall sconces are everywhere, from your local hardware store to high-end home decor shops and big-box retailers like us. But how do you know what they are and what they do? What’s the difference between wall sconces and chandeliers? Why do we need them in the first place? And what’s with all the different shapes and sizes and materials and colors? If you’re confused by wall sconces, this article can help you sort it all out.

What is a wall sconce?

A wall sconce is a small fixture that is secured to a wall and used to hold a candle or an electric lamp. A wall sconce lights up a room by emitting light from only one direction. In addition, it creates shadows, adding an artistic touch to your home decor. As with any lighting device, you have multiple options when it comes to choosing a wall sconce for your home. While most homeowners opt for traditional designs, many people like making their own unique statement by picking out styles and colors that fit their interior design and personality.

Uses of Wall Sconces

Sconces have been popular decorative items for hundreds of years, so it’s no surprise that you may have seen them around your house or perhaps even in a neighbor’s home. You might be wondering what makes these candle fixtures so appealing, and there’s a simple answer: They just look good. From country décor to rustic-themed rooms, sconces work well in nearly any space imaginable.

Types of Wall Sconces

If you’re just getting started looking for wall sconces, it can be a little bit overwhelming. There are so many different types, materials, and looks. It’s hard to know where to start! For those of you unfamiliar with all of your wall lighting options. Here is an explanation of all different kinds of wall lighting, from indoor to outdoor lighting. Lantern wall sconce – Lantern Wall Sconce. The lantern wall sconce features a long stem up which multiple light fixtures branch out like vines on their way up to the light source. This type of light fixture may also be called a braided pendant or vine pendant because their growth upward resembles that of natural plants or vines growing towards sunlight at their tips.

Chandelier wall sconce – Chandelier Wall Sconce. The chandelier wall sconce is very similar in style to the tabletop version except that it hangs on walls instead of being placed on tables or counters. Like table versions, most wall-mounted versions are made with crystal prisms which reflect color onto walls and ceilings making them especially popular during holidays or special occasions. Lightbulb wall sconce – Lightbulb Wall Sconce. This variant consists of one large spherical bulb behind a lampshade-like sleeve that is mounted flush against a wall using hangers on its base. When selecting hangers, make sure they fit snugly into any holes provided by the manufacturer to ensure secure placement without slipping or shifting over time due to poor mounting practices.

Where to Mount Wall Sconce?

Wall sconces can be hung on any wall. The two best places to mount a sconce are high on a wall or above an entryway, but anywhere that is visible and adds light to a room is fair game. Depending on where you intend to put your lights, consider what kind of mounting hardware you will need. If you’re mounting them high on a wall, look for units with glass rods so you don’t have to worry about drilling large holes in your walls for proper hanging hardware. If you’re putting wall sconces near an entryway, it’s also wise to use smaller mounts that can fit into existing electrical boxes. No matter where you hang your wall sconce, remember that bigger isn’t always better! Be sure to measure how tall each wall sconce will be before purchasing one online or from a store to ensure it won’t overwhelm your space.

Wall Sconces Pros and Cons

Wall sconces can help to create a beautiful, elegant atmosphere in your home; however, you should know that lighting fixtures like these will decrease your usable wall space. This may or may not be an issue depending on how you plan to use your living space. Also, while many people associate wall lights with warm, rich colors such as chocolate browns and reds. It’s important to remember that modern designs come in all sorts of different shades.

So don’t write off contemporary light fixtures just because you have traditional tastes! As long as you pick a good quality fixture from a reputable brand, there’s no reason why you can’t have both form and function. Just make sure you do your research before investing in any high-end light products. It’s hard to tell whether a product is worth its price unless you’ve used it yourself—and by researching others’ experiences online, you’ll quickly get a sense of what’s worth investing in.

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